The broadband Ocean-Bottom Seismometers (OBS) are provided for the project by iMARL, the Insitu Marine Laboratory for Geosystems Research, hosted by DIAS. The OBSs are of the new model NAMMU, manufactured by K.U.M. (Germany).



Currently, this is the smallest broadband seismometer for long-term deployments. The instrument has four channels (three components of the ground displacement and one broadband hydrophone) with 32 bit recording at 250 samples per second. It has 300 mW total power consumption, including by its 120 s broadband Trillium Compact seismometer, manufactured by Nanometrics (Canada).


Deployment of an ocean-bottom seismometer (Luigi, named by the students of Lycée Français d’Irlande, Dublin, after Luigi Palmieri, an Italian physicist and meteorologist famous for his studies of the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius).
Deployment of an ocean-bottom seismometer.
An ocean bottom seismometer meeting local wildlife on its autonomous descent to the bottom of the Rockall Trough, offshore Donegal.