SEA-SEIS in the Irish national news

The Irish Times, 17.09.2018: New deep sea research project to monitor Ireland’s earthquake activity

RTÉ News, 17.09.2018: Project aims to take pulse of Atlantic Ocean floor

Silicon Republic, 17.09.2018: DIAS launches research project exploring the Atlantic Ocean floor

The Journal, 17.09.2018: How Irish researchers will explore Atlantic Ocean over next two years

Coast Monkey: SEA-SEIS Expedition Diary

Afloat, 18.09.2018: New Project To Uncover Secrets Of Ireland’s Offshore Ocean Floor

Irish Central, 20.09.2018: Deep-ocean research of Atlantic Ocean launched in Cork

Afloat, 22.09.2018: Schools Encouraged To Engage With Science On New Atlantic Ocean Seismic Mission

Regional and Specialized

Donegal Now, 20.09.2018: Donegal secondary students help deep-ocean researchers

Evening Echo, 24.09.2018: Cork students get involved in deep-ocean research

Marine Institute News, 10.10.2018: SEA-SEIS mission success with all seismometers safely deployed in North Atlantic


il, 29.09.2018: Lamezia, missione speciale con il sismometro “Ligea” per gli studenti del Don Milani



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